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Immigration - May 8, 2019


USA TODAY REPORTED On May 8, 2019, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday -A three-judge panel of that court handed Trump a major, if temporary, win in his quest to halt the record-setting flow of migrants pouring across the southern border. The panel reversed a decision by a San Francisco judge that would have blocked the administration's Migration Protection Protocols, which launched in January in California and has been slowly rolled out along the rest of the border.

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg ruled in April that the new policy was not properly implemented and violated both U.S. laws and international treaties the U.S. is party to that dictate the proper treatment of refugees. Seeborg wrote that sending people who are already vulnerable into Mexican border towns "where they face undue risk to their lives and freedom."

But the 9th Circuit found that the Mexican government can be entrusted to care for the asylum seekers as they wait for their U.S. immigration court hearings.

"The plaintiffs fear substantial injury upon return to Mexico, but the likelihood of harm is reduced somewhat by the Mexican government's commitment to honor its international law obligations and to grant humanitarian status and work permits to individuals returned under MPP," the panel wrote.

On April 29, 2019, President Trump issued a Memorandum on Additional steps needed to be taken to render the Asylum System more efficient and enhance its integrity. He stressed on the unprecedented Immigration Crisis our nation is facing which has turned into a humanitarian crisis mainly due to the mass arrival of asylum seekers in Caravans coming from Central America. He deplored how this crisis has undermined our country’s security and safety, while costing it a lot of money. The President was however quick to point out our nation’s desire to ensure legitimate asylum seekers can have access to all the benefits that they qualify for, but illegal migrants on the other hand, will be removed.

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